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Image of the words Reduce, reuse, recycle in sage green and light green colours

At Willow & Birch, we are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. Join us in our mission by participating in our Reuse and Recycle program. Once you've enjoyed your skincare products, we encourage you to either re-use these at home, alternatively you can return the empty pots, bottles, and jars to us for recycling. To streamline the process, simply keep the box from your original order, package and wrap up your empties well to avoid any breakages in transport and then please send us an email detailing the items you are returning. We will then provide you with a return label.

As  a token of our appreciation, our valued site members will earn reward points for their eco-friendly efforts. *For every two items returned, members will receive one reward point, contributing to both a greener planet and exclusive benefits for our dedicated customers. Thank you for supporting us to make a more positive impact on the environment!

If you are not a site member sign up today! You receive reward points for purchases made on the website and many other things throughout the year, all the points then add up to money off and everyone loves that. 

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